Wire Surface Treatment (Wire Metallizing)

The wire surface treatment is done using three galvanizing production lines.

Each production line is able to perform:

  • wire galvanizing
  • wire tinning
  • wire copper plating
  • wire nickel plating

Each plating bath can be changed depending on consumer’s requirements, thus, one type of surface treatment can be done using one, two, or three production lines.

The capacity of production lines depends on processed wire diameter.

The capacity of production line is mentioned in the chart below:

Wire diameter
Production line capacity
/t per month/
0.20 3-4
0.30 4-5
0.40-0.50 6-8
over 0.60 14-15

Metallized wire parameters:

Strength: 300 – 500 MPa

Layer: 1 – 3 microns

Regarding the wire surface treatment longstanding experience of our employees, different surface treatment is possible to do upon customer’s request if our production mechanism can perform so.

Currently, the tinning of purely copper wire is being started.